Plein louer Moscou Centre – Faire de votre visite vraiment à l’aise

Posted on: 2013/11/26 | Moscou

Full Rent Moscow Center – Make your Visit Really Comfortable

Most of the people coming to Moscow need an apartment for specific time of period. Russian rent receive request from lots of guests who are on trip for their business and give preference to the comforts instead of facilities. Personal security is another important point really needs to consider. To answer the demand of such people, Russian rent offer book apartment services for the stay of next few days or even a year. You can mail us your requirements that you really need in your apartment. Full Rent Moscow Center gives huge opportunity to find an apartment of your choice as well as budget.

In case, you don’t find a particular, area, position or even style, let us know without email service. However, you need to apply for the stay of minimum of 3 days. Even if you wish to hang around for short time period, simply check the services, rates as well as availability of the apartment. Russian Rent even offer facility of airport transfer. By paying additional charges, you can take benefits from the airport transfer service and booking in advance is compulsory for all.

Studio,Tverskaya Chocolate

There are some conditions associated with Full Rent Moscow Center. Payment need to make in full with short term rental services. If you going to live here for few months, option of installment payment is open for all. Booking demands payment of a deposit of $300. The daily room rate comprises cleaning services in a week if you need more cleaning services, they can be arranged by paying some additional.

Rates are normally for two guests. In case, if you suppose more, one needs to make payment in advance about the accessibility and cost of this choice. Check all the terms and conditions in advance to avoid any kind of nuisance.