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If you want to discover Russia and Ukraine, Russian Rent suggests you to organise your stay in greatest detail and take care of all the aspects of the stay not only concerning the accommodation. Indeed, the Taylor-made programs concocted by Russian Rent will give you an outline of the imagination demonstrated by Russian Rent in the organization of these trips.

Then, if you want to avoid disappointments, setbacks and additional costs appeared as if by magic and to discover other things than what is proposed by everlasting tourist guides, Russian Rent takes care to guarantee your serenity and offers you a complete assistance, especially personalized and off the beaten track for the organization of Taylor -made tours of all kinds at very competitive prices.

Learn to live as Russians

Then, allowing you to dive into the culture of the country and to live such a Russian among the Russians, we suggest to put you in touch with a “insider” (a local avid to share its vision of the place) selected by us, who will make you discover the restaurants known only by neighbouring or initiated people, numerous places of exception ignored by the general public the history of which he / she will tell you with a multitude of details and crunchy anecdotes appearing on no brochure and who will surely, in the evening, get you not in a usual tourists’ crowded nightclubs, but in alternative places where you can exchange and remake the world with locals over a drink and with roars of laughter.

Russian Rent also makes you benefit from its impressive address book which allows you to have access to exceptional activities such as wild boar or moose game hunting, fishing parties in the ice at witch you will be introduced by natives and, if you aspire to isolate yourselves few days, we can find you a comfortable dacha where you can organize enjoyable evenings near the fire or a barbecues among friends to whom you can offer a magnificent pyrotechnic show (we can propose fireworks for all budgets). You can also, for example, take advantage of the knowledge of a local babushka which will teach you the rudiments of the Slavic Cuisine and the canned food, art in witch the Slavs excel since their communist past. You will be able then, when you return, to prepare yourself and to serve to your amazed guests some delicious Molossol pickles for example. Thanks to Russian Rent, prestigious mansions and other places of exception are also open to you for the organization of particular events.

How to start?

If you do not know where to start, have a look at our already existing tours that we propose, as the one done with the Trans-Siberian railway or the discovery of the legendary Lake Baikal or still the famous golden ring tour, not to mention the Carpathians and other marvels of the country. This is only a quite small glimpse of what we can organize.

Do not hesitate to tell us about your wishes, your needs or any other consideration that you consider relevant, we shall do all what it takes so that your be satisfied of your stay in greatest detail and especially that it corresponds to your aspirations and budget.

Circuits en Ukraine

Tours in Ukraine

L’Anneau d’Or

The Golden ring

Lake Baikal


[:fr]Trans-siberian by "Imperial Russia" train[:en]Trans-siberian by "Imperial Russia" train

Transsiberian by "Imperial Russia" train

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