Vuitton Debate on the Red Square

Posted on: 2013/12/03 | News & Events

Polémique Louis Vuitton sur la place Rouge

A gigantic trunk in the luxury French brand colours, Louis Vuitton, was installed on the Red Square in Moscow. It is in fact an enormous pavilion of nine meters high and 30 long which must house from December 2nd until January 19th an exhibition of Vuitton trunks that once belonged to diverse celebrities throughout its history.

That is where the shoe pinches, it is because it thrones right in the middle of the square listed UNESCO world heritage and hides Basil the Blessed cathedral and its coloured domes. Although Louis Vuitton brand specifies that profits from tickets sales will be entirely given to a charitable foundation, this trunk arouses the indignation as well among parliament members as among the civil society.

“The Red Square has a special status. It is a sacred place of the Russian State”, stated the communist deputy Sergueï Oboukhov. Another deputy, of the party in power United Russia, Alexandre Sidiakine, criticized the operation and indicated that he asked the anti-monopoly federal department ( FAS) to verify the legality of this promotional campaign. “The gigantic size of the construction is not justifiable, it ruins the view of the monuments of the Russian cultural heritage “, he also deplored. Konstantin Mikhaïlov, the Arkhnadzor coordinator, a Russian NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) which defends the architectural heritage of Moscow stated that it “is necessary to take into account the status (of the square) and that dozens of thousand persons come here specially to see the Red Square and not the pavilion of a famous brand”.

The directorate of the administrative departments of the Kremlin, for its part, defends itself by assuring that they “have nothing to do with the installation of Louis Vuitton pavilion on the Red Square”.

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