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Circuits en Ukraine

Ukraine is a country with a a very rich history and culture. You can discover it with our services – 12 day of personalized journey with a experimented French speaker or English speaker guide. The tourist programs that we propose are independent of the number of persons and according to your budget. All that you have to do – is to order and to give your availability dates.

Circuits en Ukraine


Additional travel


Arrival at Kiev

One of our agents will accompany you to your apartment. Guided tour “privetlivaja stolica”(welcome in the city). You will discover the blazing Khreschatyk street then will go to Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square, the European Square(Yevropeys’ ka Ploshcha), Mikhajlovskaya and the People’s Friendship Arch which offers a magnificent view on the Dieper and the left bank of the city. Free time.

Dinner at the “Sjekavica” restaurant, delicious Ukrainian cuisine, folk live music evenings. Varenichnaya is also an excellent option to eat, as it is opened 24 hours a day.

For night birds, we can recommend the following clubs:

  • “Delux” – best nightclub of Kiev, memorable evenings, secure, glamorous and effervescent place.
  • “Shooters” – merry nightclub, elitist, always crowded, secure, but less luxurious than Delux.
  • “Dali Park” – open-air nightclub located in a park, expensive, but magnificent and very secure.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

After the breakfast, Discover the Monastery of the Caves of Kiev(Kievu-Petcherskuju Lavru) – The biggest orthodox monastery of the world. You can visit there the Church of the Trinity, the Vicar House, the Refectory Church where the monks still feed, the cells as well as the Uspenski Cathedral. Do not miss the Lavrski Big Bell tower, the Metropolitan districts, the former cathedral, the outer walls, and of course the caves of the subterranean church where we come to bow in front of the holy relics of the holy fathers of the Caves of Kiev among whom there is Ilya Muromets, Alypy and Agapit.

Lunch near Andreevskij descent in the very interesting “Kult Ra” restaurant, very unusual interior, old-style pagan Russian cuisine. Then, go on the Andreevskij descent, kind of local Montmartre with its painters and street artists and Podol with its “gastronomic paradise”. You will admire the sculptural compositions of Kiev’s Gue’lli Park. Do not miss the Florovskij monastery and its rose garden, where the time is running differently. You will go back by car.

We recommend you to have dinner at the “Kuvshin” restaurant, inside the park. Delicious Ukrainian and Georgian meals served quickly.

Pirogovo museum

In Sofievskaya visit St Sophia and St Mikhajlovskij cathedrals. Then, go by car to the Vydubeckij monastery, where you will have lunch in the refectory. Admire then the impressive Pirogovo museum. The museum of national architecture and the everyday life is the opportunity, for one day, to observe literally from the inside the life of the Ukrainians of the 17-20 centuries. The museum is an open-air ethnographical exhibition of the various regions of the country.

Dinner at “Miami Blues”. Free time.

Departure by overnight express train to Lviv. Your guide will accompany you at Kiev station and we will pick you up at Lviv station and take you to the hotel.

Arrival at Lviv

  • Transfer until the Reikartz Medievale Hotel(very appreciated by foreigners);
  • Breakfast at the Hotel.

The taxi is an ideal mean to move in Lviv, you can find them on every street corner and it is really inexpensive.

Visit the city in a small tourist train(about 1 hour) – You can see the sunrise in the city center of Lviv, a simple way to get acquainted with the city (about 60 UAH/ person), then go to the outdoor museum of the traditional architecture – a park with pleasant landscapes inside the city, very beautiful old wooden houses and churches most of the interiors can be also visited. Do not miss the “High Castle” Hill – a park of the city with one of the best observation points, magnificent view of the city.

Lunch in one of the numerous excellent restaurants offering the exceptional regional food (a mixture of Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian and Austrian food). You will visit then the tower of the City hall of Lviv – impressive view of the medieval Lviv, fantastic location to take photos, the “Lychakiv Cemetery” outdoor museum – created in 1787, it is one of the oldest and the most beautiful architectural sites of the city and the Museum of the Beer of Lviv – located in the oldest brewery of Ukraine (1715), the tasting of beer is included. Dinner – Ukrainian cuisine at the “7 piglets” restaurant.

Museums of Lviv

Suggestions for the morning program(to be defined):

  • St. George cathedral (very beautiful baroque-rococo cathedral);
  • The Pharmacy and the cellars Museum (one of the oldest pharmacies of the country);
  • Ioann Pinzel museum(famous sculptor);
  • Historical Treasuries Museum;
  • Arsenal Museum(ancient weapons from more than 30 countries);
  • Purchases in a local souvenirs market;

Lunch in the restaurant of your choice. Then in the afternoon route to the Carpathians(about 5 hours of travel). On the way, stops possible in Rogatyn’s City, where legendary Roxolana, the adored wife of Suleiman the Magnificent was born and grew up. Known for being the most beautiful and the most powerful woman of the Ottoman history, it is a symbol for Ukrainian and her story deserves to be known. The city of Halych, formerly the Capital of the Kingdom of Galice-Volhynia. The village of Pistyn and its oldest wooden church of this region(1600). Dinner in a restaurant of the city of Kolomyia or at the Lybava Pension in the village of Sheshory – local Ukrainian cuisine(to be defined) the Lyubava Pension – is a traditional style small pension(5 apartments), offering a local gastronomy, near a forest and a river – simple and clean, but very comfortable.


Breakfast at the Lyubava Pension then a hike:

  • Ballad in the nearby village;
  • Meeting with a local guide;
  • Hike up to the shepherd station;
  • Where local cheeses are produced.

Lunch in the shepherd station(supplied by the local guide and his family), very friendly welcome in the pure Ukrainian hospitable tradition. You will have the opportunity to eat real natural local products and to see in person the real life of these simple people.


  • Return from hike;
  • Swimming in the river;
  • “Ukrainian style” snack (supplied by the local guide – local home-made dishes);
  • Then route up to the village of Tatariv – Weather permitting;
  • Visit of the “Guk ” and “Probiy” waterfalls;
  • Wooden local churches.

Otherwise – It will be done the following day. Check-in in the Anastasiya Pension, pleasant small pension built in a traditional style. Phyto-baths and sauna are at your disposal; the forest and the river are nearby. Light dinner in the Anastasiya Pension – local cuisine

National Natural Reserve of the Carpathians


  • Hike in the National Natural Reserve of the Carpathians;
  • Visit of waterfalls;
  • Purchases in the local souvenirs market;
  • Walk around one of the most famous resorts – Yaremche;
  • Lunch in a local restaurant of Yaremche.

The afternoon:

  • Transfer to Lviv(about 5 hours of travel);
  • Relaxing evening in Lviv;
  • Dinner in a restaurant of your choice;
  • Departure by night train Lviv-Odessa.

Odessa is a cosmopolitan city, eternally young and very lively. During summer the party takes place in Arcadia, it is the best known place to have fun in Odessa in summer. During winter people go out rather in the center of Odessa where you can find numerous pubs, bars and nightclubs, in particular around Deribassovskaya Street and around the harbour. Arcadia is not very distant from the center but it is necessary to go to it all the same by car.

Arrival at Odessa

  • Settling at “Maristella” hotel;
  • Rest and lunch at the hotel;
  • Relaxation on the hotel beach or in the Spa until 19.00;
  • Walk and dinner in the “Columbus” fish restaurant on the coast. This restaurant is an inescapable address;
  • Relaxing evening.

Walking tour in Odessa

  • Breakfastat the hotel;
  • Departure taxi ride to the Marina at 11.00.

Walking tour in town:

  • Marina;
  • Potemkinskaya stairs;
  • Primorskiy Boulevard;
  • Opera theater;
  • Gorsad garden;
  • Passaj;
  • Preobrazhenskiy;
  • Visit of sites which will allow you to get acquainted with the history of Odessa since the ancient times until today.

At 14.00 – lunch at the “Kumanec” Ukrainian restaurant on Gavannaya street.

From 16.00 to 19-00 – rest of the excursion.

Dinner at the “Skazka”( fairy tale) oriental restaurant, Caucasian, Turkish and Persian cuisine, separate spaces, long tables with incorporated steakhouses where it is possible to prepare the meat yourself or by the chef, smoking room with water pipe.

21-00 – back to the hotel.

During the evening and on request, after 23-00 it is possible to visit Arkadia, and to relax in one of the nightclubs of your choice. We recommend “Ibica” or “Itaka”

Yacht “Bavaria 50″

Breakfast at the hotel. Relaxation on the hotel beach.

11:30 – 12:00 – taxi ride to the Morvokzala Marina to get at the yacht.

12:00 – 18:00 – sealing on the “Bavaria 50″ along the shorelines with possibility of swimming (be sure to bring swimsuits, towels and bath accessories), fishing, or to go jet-skiing.

The lunch will be prepared on the sailboat on the customer’s request:

  • oukha – fish soup;
  • meat;
  • fish;
  • salads.

all the Ukrainian dishes to be ordered one day in advance

18:30 – taxi ride to the hotel.

If you look for fun, you must go to Arcadia. You will find numerous public beaches with free access and more and more private beaches some of which are of the same level of the most côte d’Azur prestigious beaches. Some nightclubs open during the day and offer beach club formulas. Arcadia has also its public beaches.

Museum and parks of Odessa

Breakfast at the hotel, relaxation on the beach or in the Spa and, if you want to go to the town, we recommended you to visit:

  • The Western and oriental art museum;
  • The Archaeological museum;
  • The local History museum.

During your visit we recommend you:

  • The “Vasilisa” Russian restaurant;
  • The “Red lobster”;
  • The fish restaurant near the Shevchenko Park;
  • The “Sol’eri” coffee near the Opera theater(candy and desserts).

Relaxing evening and dinner at the hotel.

Departure to Kiev

One of our agents will come to pick you up at the airport and will help you with luggage.

We suggest you to go first to an incredible and magnificent local restaurant, the “Kidev” on the road to the airport towards the city, to have breakfast and “to wake you up”. Once in town, go for a walk in Mariinskij and Pechersky Parks: a profusion of magnificent places and sites to be discovered! Rich and unique Pecherske storekeeper’s mansions of the beginning of the 20th century(the Chocolate house, the house of chimeras, the house of the tearful widow). On the way back, it will be possible to stop again in a local restaurant – the “Kozachok”, where a delicious cuisine will be offered.

Please note that we can modify and adapt the planned circuit according to your wishes and interests!!!

Vilkovo – Ukrainian Venice

Vilkovo, unique small town called the “Ukrainian Venice”, located on the border with Romania is at the confluence of the Danube and the Black Sea. From Odessa, you can go there by car (about 4 hours) or by boat.

This almost inaccessible area was colonized at the time by the Lipovens, Old Russian Believers, fleeing the repressions of the orthodox Mother Church. The Old men – Believers who refused in the 17th century the religious reforms of the patriarch Nikon, came to settle down in this remote area in the mouth of the Danube. The visit of the city of Vilkovo allows to learn about their history and their culture.

Certain parts of the delta are subject to erosion. If certain ecosystems are destroyed by the advance of water, others on the contrary are formed due to the concentration of alluviums, sand and stones. In these parts of the country, this instability makes daily life almost impossible for man, who tried to strengthen houses, outbuildings and gardens.

Thus the old town is on the water and canals replaced streets; the locals move essentially by “gondola” and motorboats. If you follow “the central avenue” – Belgorod canal 24 by boat, you will see clean whitewashed houses with, all around, small gardens, fertilizer, silt, wood, on the quays of the 1-2 m wide canals. The routes that the inhabitants call Eric are spanned by simple wooden bridges most of which are not fixed. If the boat conveys excessive shipment, we remove the bridge, and once the boat passed, we replace it.

We also call Vilkovo the fishermen and the wine grower’s city. According to the legend, the vilkovchanes are capable of walking on water as on land. In Vilkovo almost all of the inhabitants are fishermen, and then here is an opportunity to feast with fresh fish. The amateurs of fishing will appreciate the Danube peaceful banks and its canals with slopes invaded by willows and reeds. The remaining cultivates here a unique grape variety – “novak”, with which we make the excellent wine that bears its name and that the tourists take with them as a souvenir of Vilkovo. Furthermore, the inhabitants of the place have pleasure to offer to the visitors of the city remarkable herb teas made with the wooden samovar.

But the main curiosity of the Ukrainian Venice is the 50 thousand hectares nature reserve of the Danube, which is considered as the biggest swampy territory of Europe. A part of the reserve of the Danube delta is listed UNESCO world heritage.

Here, unique landscapes of the reed bed of the Danube (swamp where reeds represent the main part of the vegetation) and hundreds of rare plants, exotic animals and fishes most of witch are listed on the Red book of Ukraine. But the main tenants of the nature reserve are birds, for witch, it is a real paradise. You can see magnificent pink pelicans, barnacles or white-tailed eagles there. In the reserve, you can go to the “kilometre zero” – the place where the Danube flows into the Black Sea.

Due to the alluviums which settle in the river bed and a constant erosion phenomenon, the delta is in perpetual movement and its face changes regularly. With its artificial canals and the exceptional ecosystem of the delta of the Danube, it is a unique spot.


Tour Rate
Kiev – Lviv – Odessa Travel from 1000€ *
Vilkovo Travel from 250€ per persone

* Modified according to requests.

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