Short Lesson of Russian hockey!

Posted on: 2013/12/02 | News & Events


Ice hockey trainings are particularly terrible and hard. The violence of the trainers is not only verbal, it is also physical! The trainers do not hesitate to put literally their stick between the skates of eight-year-old children and to make them do an impressive number of rolls on the ice, witch, is not a small matter, with almost ten kilos of equipment on the shoulders! But especially they advise them during fights.


Indeed, even if this practice tends to disappear, the “fight” is authorized when it involves no more than two players without gloves, without helmets and as long as those these remain standing on skates. But in France, as in the United States and in all other countries practicing this sport, it is exclusively reserved for “junior” players (more than 18 years old) and seniors (more than 21 years old).

Hockey with elements of boxingIt’s the same for the “check” (charge in play) which is authorized (for over 15 years old in France, over 11 years old in Canada) but also very regulated by the various national leagues of hockey further to multiple accidents resulting from the concussions engendered by these charges. Moreover, a disturbing link between these repeated shocks and the particularly high suicide rate among the professional sportsmen, was stated.

They are not only authorized in Russia at any age, but even more shocking “fights” are encouraged and overseen by the trainers witch do not hesitate to give advice to both belligerent parties during their confrontation.


Furthermore, while 8 years old young French players play on one half, even one third of the ice rinks, the Russians play from the age of 7 on a whole Olympic ice rinks!
Knowing that, it is not surprising that Russia is the best world nation. Indeed, the level of the play is simply amazing, it seems as though the Russians were born with a stick in the hand!

Hockey stick means ice rinks! There are several in Russia, covered and open-air. If you want to find a club to play, no problem, if you have skates, a stick and a helmet, you are welcome!

It is possible to buy ice skates and hockey sticks almost EVERYWHERE! (In specialized stores and ice rinks, but also in supermarkets and even small district shops propose several models!! Sleds, and other equipments dedicated to sledding, have entire shelves dedicated to them. You can not imagine the number of different models. During winter, you will see many children on sleds in the streets and it is not rare to see students going to the university on cross-country skis.