Celebrate the New Year Eve 365 Days a Year in Saint-Petersburg

Posted on: 2013/12/03 | News & Events

 Celebrate the New Year Eve 365 Days a Year in Saint-Petersburg

If you look for a place completely off-the-wall to go out at night in Saint-Petersburg, the decision to go to Purga is imperative. Here is a unique place: rabbits, vodka, Russian pop…. and New Year’s Eve parties each day of the week with best wishes every day at the stroke of midnight! Yes, you understood well, a New Year Eve evening is organized there every night!!!

Purga is on Fontanka quay, this arm of the Neva which twists trough Saint-Petersburg. Two sculptures representing half lion and half rabbit sphinx guard the door of the club. The entry costs 400 roubles. The bouncer will give you your ticket, not forgetting a pair of rabbit ears…

Situated underground, Purga is a rather low-ceilinged, stone cellar, which walls and vault are completely covered with a multicoloured padded patchwork. On shelves, dozens of carrots in hermetic jars. Restaurant and bar during the day, every day it turns into a crazy place where we celebrate the new year. Since its opening in 2002, not an evening without a ” C Novim Godom! ” (Happy New Year!). You will be immersed into total kitsch, in this inescapable Saint-Petersburg night place. Just the time to put on your rabbit ears and to drink a vodka to warm up, and your evening can begin.

Microphone in hand, the chief rabbit regularly speaks in the middle of the circle to order you to take good resolutions, to take your neighbour in your arms, to kiss him(her), even to touch him(her) breasts!!!! It is at this moment that you may regret being near a plump bearded man rather than to an attractive blonde… Every evening, the same discount: ” Piat! Tchitiri! Sorting! Dva! Adin! C’ Novim Godom!”. The DJ launches a classical Russian pop song (“Xali Gali” of Leprikoncy), rabbits dance and sing in chorus. Nothing is forgotten, not even Vladimir Putin New Year Eve speech on the television. It is difficult not to believe that it is really New Year Eve.

Then, the Russian hymn rings out. Rabbits stand to attention and intone the national anthem loudly. We think that the evening comes to its end, and that the party animals begin to leave the place. False alarm: they go to the other Purga! Twenty meters farther, on the Fontanka quay, is indeed another club guarded by two others sphinx, half lion and half rabbit, the Purga II, which celebrates night after night fake marriages. No New Year Eve here, but we can get married to a stranger for an evening there. But if you want to get married, watch not to arrive too late for the exchange of the wedding rings.

It has such a success in Saint-Petersburg that another one recently opened in Moscow.

C Novim Godom everybody!!!