Kiev Differently

If you are in Kiev and if you want to approach this magnificent city differently, to go to unusual places, here is a (small) preview of what hides the Ukrainian Capital.
You will be probably surprised learning that 120 km of beaches are listed on the territory of Kiev! And you will believe me even less if I say to you that you can ski right in the city center!


Beach Party

The left bank of Kiev is the Dieper, one of the biggest rivers of Europe and the right bank is the Desenka River. Both are separated by three big islands which are very eventful from May till September. Venetsianskyi island is the most known with the Hydropark. You can go there by subway. If you cannot swim on the right Dieper bank, you will take advantage of the magnificent view on the churches of the Percherska Lavra monastery. You can swim on the left bank by the Desenka. Since this island you can reach another one, Dolobetskyi island, a swimmers and clubbers paradise during summer. The island is in the middle of the Desenka and there is no limitation of bathing and the trendiest beach parties of Kiev take place there. You will find the two most select establishments of Kiev, the Sun City Slavutich and the Opium Venus Beach Club there: private beaches, swimming pools, discotheques, jet-ski… The third island which is also the biggest is Trukhaniv and is rather dedicated to the sportsmen. Most of the beaches are public and some belong to exclusive clubs.



But if you come during summer, do not worry, you will not be outdone. If I say to you that you can ski right in the city-center, can you believe it?! Nevertheless, there are two ski lifts right in the center; you can rent the equipment on-the-spot. The descents are certainly, brief but perfect to breathe after having spent the night locked in a nightclub. You can use public transportation to go there (subway: Druzhbi narodiv then the minibus n°450). You will also find several ice rinks in Kiev very busy during the weekend.

Indulge yourself, even if you do not know how to ski, you can take lessons: ski or snowboard, schools with ski instructors are there for you! Address: PROTACIV YAR street 23  – Kiev

But Kiev reserves many other surprises; so, if you want an original, funny or nostalgic stroll, or even all this at the same time, here are few suggestions:

“Pyssanka” Workshops

“Pyssanka” Workshops

The “pyssanka”, in Ukrainian “written egg”, is the result of a long Ukrainian popular tradition meticulously finalized for centuries. This real popular art was bequeathed to us generation after generation. The Pyssankas are written by using the batik technique. We draw symbols and ornaments on a white egg with some melted beeswax which flows from an instrument called “kistka”. The wax protects the parts which have to remain white. We dip then the egg into the dye, then, the parts of the egg which have to remain coloured are covered with beeswax; after what, the egg is still dipped into another dye. We repeat these steps for each colour we want to use, always from the lightest to the darkest. When we finish colouring, we melt the wax on the egg with the flame of a candle and we quickly wipe it to reveal all the coats of colour as well as the symbols – it looks like a magic trick! We can then empty the pyssanka, having applied on it a coat of varnish to protect it.
Learn about this art and give your creativity free rein; you can leave with your own creations!

Lavrska street 19, (former Mazepa Street), in the Ivan Gontchar Museum, just after the Lavra by going to the Mother Country big statue.

Visit a Christmas baubles factory

Christmas baubles factory

After the complete stop of the Russian production, between 1917 and 1935, with the restoration of Yolka celebration, new small subjects appeared: pupils and folk characters in their picturesque costumes, red stars came to crown trees, whereas baubles were decorated with portraits of leaders such as Marx, Lenin or Stalin. The Second World War saw arising of military subjects, then the circus and the space themes appeared. One of the first Soviet factories specialized in the manufacturing of glass decoration was created in 1949 in Klavdievo, near Kiev Today, near 96 % of its production is exported in Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. And for your greatest happiness, it opens its doors to you! Begin your visit with the workshops of the factory where you will discover the various manufacturing steps. You will see craftsmen blowing the glass before decorating them by hand; then you will visit the shop. Take advantage by asking for one of these invaluable Christmas baubles personalized with your name. Cost of the visit: 80 UAH

Go back to childhood, thanks to “The Teddy bear of Kiev

The Teddy bear of Kiev

Since June 1st, 2009, the store – workshop is located in Podol district, Vul Sagaïdatchnovo, 6A. It was previously established at Pouchkinskaya Street 9B. You will find there a wide selection of teddy bears of any sizes, diverse materials and for all the budgets. 80 % of the “teddy bear” production, is hand-made by approximately 150 independent craftsmen (we often see them working on the spot). And supreme pleasure, you can place an order to have “YOUR” personalized teddy bear!!

Other articles proposed: dolls, cats, plates, frames to make original manufactured presents. The workshop also offers you the possibility to have training courses to learn how to make teddy bears. To have dates and price list of the training courses, the best, is to phone to the store. Tel: (097 ) 361 5050.

Even if you do not want to buy, you can, all the same, amble in the shop, just for the pleasure of the eyes.


It is the opportunity to make a funny and instructive trip at the same time. By entering the world of Experimentanium you become an actor of the small workshops proposed around various themes. Then you will live sensorial experiments with visual tests, very funny labyrinth of life-size mirrors, but also a room that deals with acoustic by means of musical instruments and many other things still.

On the third floor there is the world of the human sciences, a funny experiment for the children: the pregnant woman “prosthesis”, for these gentlemen it remains very instructive! And many other surprises still, it is worth a look!

Verkhniy boulevard 2A (near Podol market) M ° Kontraktova Plosha