Invitation for Russia

Competent authorities: a registered Russian travel agency with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ensure that you are dealing with a reputable travel agency, which can register in Russia, and which will also provide you with other support services upon your arrival.

To obtain a visa to Russia, you must submit an Invitation which is divided into two parts – tourist Voucher and host confirmation for the foreign citizen.

L'exemple de l'invitation touristique
L'exemple de l'invitation touristique

The 5 points to check on the voucher:

  1. The following: “all the services are entirely paid”
  2. Dates on the voucher have to match those on the application visa form
  3. The voucher is accepted in original, copy or fax version
  4. In the case of stay of a period exceeding 14 days, the voucher must be accompanied by a detailed schedule
  5. The hotel must be accredited by the federal Department of immigration

Beware: the confirmation of hotel booking does not replace the host Confirmation for the foreign citizen and is not valid to obtain a Russian visa!


Entries Validity Waiting time Price
1 entry 1-30 days On the same day 25 €
2 entry 1-30 days On the same day 25 €

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