Russian cuisine

Pirogui and pirojki

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Pirogui et pirojki

It is a festive Russian dish (the word ” pirogui ” comes from the word ” pir ” – “feast”). Pirogui – are big stuffed brioche breads, and pirojki are smaller. In Russia a lady of the house worthy of the name knows how to prepare “pirojki”. Pirojki sell like hot cakes in Russia and in Ukraine and we can buy it wherever. Culturally, they are weaknesses, snacks, fast mouthfuls that we savour to calm small hungers, in particular when we do not have time to take a real meal. Russia without pirojki would not be any more completely itself. Continue reading

Sublime Borchtch!

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Purple, unique soup in colour and in taste, infinite in its demonstrations, ecumenical by its membership, it is served scorching with potatoes by the orthodoxes of Ukraine, and frozen with some crème fraiche, on hot days, by the Jewish grocers of New York. As long as you have the essential ingredient, the beet, no matter what you add to it, it is still borchtch. But this does not prevent from heated and virulent debates concerning the way of cooking it. Continue reading

Overview of the Slavic Cooking

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Cuisine slave

A table which collapses under the weight of a wide variety of dishes, this is the way we could represent the generosity of the Slavic countries! The Russian food aims to be at the same time the “ethnology” of food, a memory book, a recipes collection. Custine, Dumas, Gautier and others, in their time, had been looking with perplexity or enthusiasm, at this culinary art which they consider often very exotic, while today the word “blini” is part of the common vocabulary. Continue reading