Russian visa application – Planing for Independent Travelers

Posted on: 2013/11/27 | Kiev

Demande de visa russe - Rabotage pour les voyageurs indépendants

If you wish for a tour to Russia, it is compulsory to have a Russian Visa. Visa-free journey is only possible for the residents who belong to countries such as CIS republics, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Turkey, Israel, and Serbia; still they need a copy of invitation for Russia. When it comes to a Russian visa, invitation also known as visa support letter is the first thing that you need. After receiving the invitation, you can make application for the visa at a Russian consulate.

Application can be made on personal level or with the help of travel agent by paying some additional fee. However, with handling agents demands careful step as many agents as well as hotels “lock” visitors into a fixed term or limit the time period of visa for a particular hotel.

If you wish to avoid bureaucratic problems, following step by step guide for Russian visa application guide is primarily important.  It is exclusively planned for independent travelers who like to have a flexible route and be open of any hotel obligations.

Getting the invitation is first step associated with visa to Russia. For visa support, you need an invitation from the hotel, business or any other institute you are connected with. If you are an independent traveler, you can get invitation online quite easily with the different reliable service providers. Normally, they offer 24-hour support as well as guarantee that it will help them in getting the visa by the consulate. Till the time, no refusal has been noticed in the process.

It has quite easy process and anyone can use it without any difficulty. You will find a scanned copy of both original Reservation confirmation as well as the Tourist voucher. All these documents are required for Visa to Russia.