10 reasons for which travelers reserve apartments by the day

An apartment is cheaper than a hotel suite

Un appartement est beaucoup moins cher qu'une suite d'hôtel

The apartments have the most important advantage over the hotels. It is the price certainly. The rent cost of the whole apartment is often lower, than booking of a small standard hotel accommodation. It is especially notable if you travel with a family or with a big company – it is possible to rent the apartment with several bedrooms and to chum all together. In a case with hotel, it is necessary to reserve some rooms which will cost much more expensively and can be inconveniently located (on different floors, for example).

It is possible to cook food by oneself

Il vous est possible de cuisiner

It is possible to cut down expenses essentially during your travel, if you cook food by oneself. In the most apartments rented by the day, there is an equipped kitchen with all necessary to cook any dish without problems. And it is better to spend the money saved on restaurants for something special.

It is convenient when you travel with the children, the whole family

Il est pratique lorsque vous voyagez avec la famille toute entière, surtout si vous avez des enfants

If you travel with small children, the private apartment will be ideally suited for your trips. 

 Small travelers will receive more place for their games while you can use kitchen to cook a tasty dinner. Besides, the big apartment will cost much cheaper than several hotel accommodations.

It is pleasant to make oneself at home

Il est agréable d'avoir la possibilité de pouvoir accomplir quelques activités ménagères comme à la maison

The most of private apartments are well equipped and offer a «home from home», a silence and a true comfort which is not in each hotel. You can cook food, use the washing machine, the Internet, listen to a music, to watch movies at any time. Generally, it isn’t necessary to change the habits even far away from home.

A convenient location

Une localisation pratique

The places, where hotels are located, aren’t always convenient for travelers. But you can find the apartment or the house in daily rent in any convenient area. Would you like it in the centre, near a shopping center or on the outskirts? Choose that place, which is more pleasant to you. The more so because the most of the cities offer much more apartments, rented by the day, than hotel rooms. Our apartments are located only in the very cental and safe areas.

Apartments are greater in area

Les appartements offrent beaucoup plus d'espace

If you reserve an apartment, you will get more personal space for smaller money: an own living room, a separate bedroom, a kitchen, a balcony. Trust, the similar hotel accommodation will cost twice or even three times more expensively.



Business trip or leisure time – our apartments for any taste. Family parties, songs to the guitar, cheerful holidays with your friends. 

Nobody will allow you such things in a hotel, but it is quite possible in the rented apartment. If you agree with the owner, of course))).

The apartments’ condition is better, than of hotel rooms

L’état des appartements est meilleur, que celui des chambres d’hôtel

It is not a secret that the most inexpensive hotels in Russia and the CIS are in a sad state. While the market of daily rent housing actively develops, lessors try to make everything to please the guests: a fresh refurbishment, new furniture, a daily cleaning. Some holders of estate even turn the houses into works of art. Would you like to live in the house reminding a sea shell or in the apartment, designed in a night club style?

Hotel routine independence

Indépendance vis-à-vis des règles strictes des hôtels

The holiday, an early morning, a hotel, and a chambermaid knocking at the door interrupts a sweet dream. Probably everyone can remember such holiday situation:) Renting the apartment by the day, you won’t adapt your plans to the hotel routine(a breakfast, cleaning, etc.). Plan your time as you want. Cosy and confortable our apartments are fully equipped and are ready-to-live.

To plunge into the city atmosphere

Se plonger dans l'atmosphère de la ville

And at last, you cease to be the simple tourist when you chose a private housing for the travel. Living in the cozy apartment in the distance from tourist areas, you become the real researcher. You have a unique opportunity to learn how the locals live and what they do, to understand color of that place where you arrived. It is so much more interesting, than to live in a hotel among expensive restaurants and shops, which purpose to earn on tourists. Do you agree?

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